사단법인 세계해동검도연합회 북한평양 제2회국제무술대회참석2006년 8월22일부터 29일까지

Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu 2006. 9. 7. 23:44

We had a great trip in N Korea

The people were very friendly and we even had our own Guide and interpreter.


We visited the following places:

  • Mangyong Native home – the house where Kim iL Sung spent his youth
  • Children’s palace – where we had a fantastic show – this is where they train the kids
  • We had a friendship gathering with traditional dancing and we all joined in – At Mt. Daesong
  • Kum Su Sa Memorial Palace – Where Kim il Sung was displayed for the public to see when he died and also has numerous gifts he received from various countries
  • King Tongmyong’s Tomb – he was the founder of the 1st Dynasty in N Korea (Koguryo) – With Sila and Paek Je where in the South


We also had a fantastic opening and closing ceremony 

I was fortunate enough to be nominated and elected as a member of the executive board of the International Martial Arts Games Committee.