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[스크랩] Some words for Black Belts passed through Dan Grading Test in Moscow, Russia

Jinyoung Ssangkum Ryu 2016. 12. 24. 18:01




Through the 2016 Russian Haedong Kumdo Winter Camp organized by Sergey, HK president of Russian HK, I am going to give some words as I always stress into the training. I expect and hope that these some words will be able to get more motivation with encourgement and stimulation for all black belts trainees. This time 12 Dan Test candidates including 5 dan and 4 dan was taken Grading Test in Moscow, Russia.




First of all, congratulations on all dan members passed with 4 dan, SERGEY and ANATACIA,and also I am so happy to see one more 5th dan of Mikko Huttunen as a master of JSKR-HK with a white color dobok same as me. Hope that many with 5th dan and the above will show up sooner or later as a leader in HK and in the martial arts as well in each national HK all over the world.





However or whatever they work hard in the training of learing & teaching under each national HK orgnization, all that is just for themselves so that they can enjoy and make their life fruitful and helpful.


■My function


I teach and help them to do it, which is my job as a teacher. I do my best to do it to the last as a helper and mentor.




■Positions and Dan level


POSITIONS in the orgnization of JSKR-Haedong Kumdo as a volunteer or helper, and

DAN LEVEL obtained in the training as much as they can, in a certain sense,


does not help and make better influences as a important factors for cultivating human mind for better life as long as they can not approach to the core of JSKR-haedong kumdo by the principle of Nature, which all between JSKR-HK and daily life is interconnected around us in the universe.






■ Keep my words


To my experience, good deeds with beautiful mind in saying, thinking and doing

will definitely bring both better training of HK and better daily life because Energy

by good deeds with right behavour drive us up to the good place or good things.


It is a principle of nature. I also try to do my best to do so for better life for myself,

but not easy to do it all the time. Almost always easy to make mistakes

at every moments, but I try to recognize and correct right away.


As I made a promise many times before, I do my best to make my students be able to use a very fine one like needle instead of a long sword in both martial arts and life,

maybe even without using anything when the reality of Energy is come to understand exactly and clearly.


Re)  http://cafe.daum.net/uwhkf/JvX2/87?svc=cafeapp&sns=url

Subject: What is the reality of Energy in the martial arts in the universe?





■Success or ruin in the course of practice


'Do not get angry'

'Do not be foolish'

'Do not be greedy'

if we can not follow the above things with thinking out of the box,

it will be lead to ruin ourselves with or without knowledge in life.

You probably can see it around us.

Because the system of human mechanism is made like that.


Any questions or opinions, anytime you may contact with me directly .


Re) http://cafe.daum.net/uwhkf/JvX3/66 

Subject:The Theory of the Spinning Top


See you next time again.

Have a good day.


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